The Rotary District 3141 project Avenue “Able to Ability” has embarked with a vision to “Empower differently abled adults and youth through employment opportunities to lead a life with pride and dignity. We will address all the different types of disabilities including physically handicaped, visually impaired, speech and hearing impaired, cerebral palsy and autism.

Our Vision

‘Empower differently-abled adults through employment opportunity to lead a life with pride and dignity’.

What We Offer

  • A platform for sustainable employment for differently-abled.
  • Opportunities for learning and self-development for employability.
  • Partner with organisations that support and provide opportunities for differently abled.
  • Mentoring opportunities.
  • Physical and mental well-being support.

Our Approach

Provide a common platform for employment opportunities for differently-abled to be financially independent. Map skill sets with available opportunities and provide avenue for vocational training, sensitization training to employers and employment with mentoring.

We Will

  • Partner with organisation and NGOs having experience and expertise.
  • Have a central database for employment opportunities for differently abled.
  • Invite corporate partners to offer employment.
  • Conduct job fairs specifically for differently abled.
  • Provide training on soft skills for job readiness.
  • Conduct sensitization training and hand-holding with employees of corporates and general public.